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First steps when death occurs

No matter if a death is sudden, or if it is something that was long time coming, the loss of a loved one makes us feel emotional and overwhelmed. No amount of preparation can fully prepare you for the loss of a loved one. When you are in a heightened emotional state, even the most basic decisions can seem staggering. Please call us any time, we will help you. We are available 24/7.

Public opinion is that in case of death, you must immediately call for emergency medical assistance and the State Police. In fact, neither one nor the other will not give a death certificate or deliver deceased to the morgue. For this purpose it is intended for physicians and funeral service providers. Emergency medical assistance is intended to save lives and may not arrive if death occurs. The exception, if you enroll, you’re not sure about the death. In this case, the emergency team will arrive and find the fact of death of the deceased and will issue an assignment to morgue. This assignment may be helpful in dealing with the family doctor and, if necessary for an autopsy, for the cause of death to be cleared. The State Police should be invited only if the cause of death is a crime or an accident.

  • Funeral process when death occurs at home

    If a close relative has died a natural death, with no signs of violent death, you should contact the deceased’s family doctor. Finding the fact of death and knowing the deceased’s medical history, family doctor issue a death certificate. This document is required to get a death certificate. Unknown cause of death in the case, or if the deceased was younger than 59 years, the family doctor issues an assignment for an autopsy to find out the cause of death. On weekends and holidays or at night, family doctors are often unavailable. In this situation, you can contact the on-duty doctor or postpone a visit to the family doctor for a later by mutual agreement . In any case, you should apply for a loved one transportation to morgue, where the deceased will be stored as required. Within the city our staff will arrive within 1 hour after requesting our services, the deceased will be delivered to morgue, and you will be informed about the next steps.

  • Funeral process when death occurs at hospital

    The staff of a care facility such as a hospital or a nursing home will notify you and the necessary authorities immediately after a death has occurred. You will be invited to attend a hospital to do all formalities. There are cases when the autopsy would have to be necessary. In other cases, if relatives don’t want to partition, it is possible to write an agreement that the autopsy will not be performed. There are cases where the deceased’s autopsy is compulsory. Death certificate is prescribed by the attending physician, department head or pataloganatoms. Even before going to the hospital, you can go to our branches to apply for obtaining a certificate and clothes delivery to morgue. Our staff will save you the visit.

  • Funeral process in the case of accident or crime

    If relative has died at home or in a public place and the cause of death is a crime or an accident, you should contact the State Police. Police officers apply deceased for National Center of Forensic Medicine morgue by calling the dedicated services. After the examination it is possible to obtain the certificate of cause of death. You can go to our branches to apply for a certificate and deceased’s clothing delivery to morgue. Our staff will save you the visit. In cases when the deceased is intended to cremate, you must obtain a prosecutor’s authorization to perform the cremation.

  • Funeral process if death occurs abroad

    If relative has died abroad, but you want to bury in Latvia, it is necessary to transport deceased in specialized transport and in zinc coffin. It is forbidden to bury in zinc coffin in Latvia. We offer zinc coffin for rent for transporting that saves you purchase two coffins. It is necessary to obtain written permission from Latvia cemetery for burial. We do transportation of the deceased in the European Union and other countries.

Funeral payments

Funeral agency “Krusts” does all necessary formalities for the death benefit of SSIA. Obtaining death benefit, SSIA issues decision on the burial benefit that is passed to the customer.

Request of funeral benefit

If you want to request a funeral benefit by yourself, you must submit application for granting of the benefit and notice of the registration of the fact of death issued on a special form by Civil Status Registration Office to any local office of the SSIA. The benefit can be claimed within 12 months from the day of death. In case of the death of an insured person the funeral benefit allocated and paid is twofold the amount of the monthly average contribution wage of the deceased person. In case of the death of pensioner the funeral benefit allocated and paid is twofold the amount of pension. In case of the death of a dependent family member or an unemployed, the allocated funeral benefit is triple the amount of state social security benefit. The Funeral benefit can be received at the post office of the Latvian Post, transferred to the beneficiary’s account at the bank or postal accounts system (PNS), or received in exchange of a single payment order or a bank cheque.

Cemeteries in Riga

Riga City Council’s Housing and Environment Department’s free information line for Cemeteries operational issues 80000290.