Funeral accessories


Funeral agency offers possibility to buy or order non-standart dimensions coffins. We offer different types of coffins:

  • Wooden coffins;
  • Draped coffins;
  • Zinc coffins;
  • Sarcophagus.

Crosses and tablets

Crosses and tablets. You can buy crosses in our stores, tablet with deceased data you can order for funeral day.

Shrouds and tribute blankets

Funeral agency offer shrouds and tribute blankets. Shrouds and tribute blankets can be viewed and chosen in our branches at your discretion.

Clothing for the deceased

We offer clothing for the deceased. You can buy clothes for Your deceased in our funeral agencies.

Funeral wreaths and bands

We offer to acquire funeral wreaths and bands. Wreaths and bands can be ordered for delivery to cemetery.

Burial urns

We offer to acquire burial urns. Available burial urns of different size, forms and colors.