Funeral services

Morgue services

Funeral agency offers different morgue services:

  • Storage of deceased in morgue.
  • Processing of deceased for funeral - sanitary, clothing, makeup.
  • Embalmment.

Funeral transportation

Funeral agency offers remains transportation from Latvia to other countries as well as remains transportation from abroad to Latvia and other funeral transportation services:

  • Transportation of deceased from home, hospital or nursing home to morgue.
  • Specialized transport- catafalque Mercedes- Benz services for ceremonies.
  • Remains transportation from the airport.

Funeral agency employees will arrive in one hour after request is made (within a city). Funeral agency employees informs about future steps, transportation to morgue.

Death documentation processing

In funeral agency services is included support for death documentation processing. Funeral agency assist within:

  • Obtaining of medical certificate.
  • Obtaining of death certificate.
  • Obtaining of funeral benif of SSIA.
  • Cemetery services payments.
  • Cremation services payments.
  • Abroad death documents translation.
  • All documentation for deceased transportation abroad.
  • Airport and customs formalities.

Funeral ceremony

Funeral agency offer funeral ceremony services. Important to know that funeral day and time must be mutually agreed between funeral agency and relatives, after that funeral agency administrator orders funeral day and time which is approved by the cemetery or crematorium.

Funeral services include:

  • Funeral day and time reservation and ordering for cemeteries.
  • Farewell day and time arrangement for Riga crematorium.
  • Grave digging by LFA cerified gravedigger's.
  • Farewell ceremony reservation.

Funeral agency offers organization of funeral ceremony. In funeral ceremony participate priests of all religious confessions and masters of funeral ceremonies. For funeral ceremony visitors we offer music at funeral (violin, organ, cello, flute, orchestra etc.), photo and video, transport for the participants of funeral ceremony as well as funeral wreaths and bands.

You can request two, four or six solid coffin carriers with a long-time experience in funeral field. All coffin carriers have identical uniform according to the actual weather conditions.


Funeral agency offers serivces of cremation organization, which include:

  • Order of cremation.
  • Deceased processing for funeral
  • Deceased transportation from morgue to crematorium.
  • Farewell ceremony organization.
  • Obtaining ashes capsule.
  • Sending ashes capsule abroad.
  • Burying urn in cemetery.


Funeral agency offers reburial – exhumation of human remains in cemeteries of Latvia.